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We2Wins - The Women Entrepreneurs To Women Integration Network Solutions an initiative by Comfort Designs Inc.

This is an online platform for all the women entrepreneurs who want to have their products, skills and services promoted, marketed and sold.

 Our Goal is to promote the Women Entrepreneurs  not only in an independent  capacity but also bind them into a  network on a common platform with variety of products and services and be the pre-eminent solutions partner for leading businesses around the world and to successfully deliver the best in the world and to help our domestic  and international customers to  achieve their business objectives by providing innovative & best-in-class consultation solutions and services by delivering it with Make in India concept. 

 We at Comfort Designs Inc. being a SME Business and Technical Consultant always believe that constant Innovation using a scientific approach is needed to be of value to our customers through research on many aspects of virtually all areas of Business   which can  ultimately solves a present or unknown problem and will change the way one can live in a better world with all the required comfort without depending upon the foreign product and its know-how  - Starting from an creating and designing a Website and promoting  it to an Online Store


International Marketing - Distribution and Supply Chain Management for MSME Cluster Products

Presently we are establishing a distributors network by signing up an MoU for Exclusive International Distributorship Agreement for the USA, Europe and Gulf Markets.  This will pave path for seamless transfer of goods with better control over the demand and supply of the products and services. 

 While innovation might be an element of all of Improvements or revision of existing products, we have thought about innovation as a step forward for accommodating newer technologies complimenting with the existing ones so that the gap is bridged to an extent of feeling of not missing out the older facilities and at the same time the sense of comfort is reciprocated. We are a team of professionals catering to various design areas driven with concept and innovation with a design process backed by design science which can be aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical which involves considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive and redesigning with careful analysis and scientific research.       


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